Mushrooms are easy to take care of they'll keep well under the right conditions. Make sure you always select the freshest mushrooms you can, so they last longer.  Fresh mushrooms are firm, almost crisp, and feel dry.


  • Don't wash your mushrooms before you store them. They'll go all slimy.

  • Keep your mushrooms in a paper bag or air tight container. This reduces air flow and moisture so they'll last longer.

  • Pop them in the vege drawer in your fridge.

  • Try not to put anything on top of them, mushrooms bruise easily.

  • You can also freeze mushrooms. Arrange them in a single layer on a tray and pop them in the freezer.


  • Give your mushrooms a wipe with a paper towel.

  • Or a quick rinse and then a wipe.

  • No need to peel your mushrooms. Just like other vegetables, a lot of the goodness lies in the outer layer.

  • Don’t discard the stalks – these are just as nutritious as the mushroom caps. You can always freeze the stalks for use in soups if you don’t want them in your dish.

  • Depending on your dish, you can then serve them whole, quarter, slice or dice them.

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