The Mushroom Compost formulation consists of a combination of peat, wheat straw, manure, lime and gypsum, composted together. It is a good source of nutrients, contains a full range of trace elements and is a useful soil conditioner. 

Ideal as a weed repellent and moisture retainer, it is an excellent source of humus and is a valuable food source, promoting a healthy growing environment for your plants.

Mushroom compost is a popular slow release, organic plant fertiliser which is very cost effective. It supports various types of plant growth from fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers. 

Made from straw, peat, lime and other organic materials, mushroom compost  enriches the soil and supplies nutrients for the healthy growth of plants while increasing water retention. 

It is a highly concentrated compost, so to get the best results, we recommend placing directly into existing gardens, or mixed with our soil for new lawns and gardens. Alternatively, you can allow it to sit over winter and plant in spring.

25kg $17.00

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