Relief from Eczema and Psoriasis. An all natural blend of butters, oils, Turmeric, herbs, essential oils which help relieve inflammation. A natural antiseptic. Soothes, repairs your eczema prone skin.

Brenda Harrison

My daughters acne is literally gone! Cute little shop!!

Gemma Maree Fauvel  

Amazing products 😊 I have been using the Turmeric Healing cream and soap for nearly 2 months and the eczema on my face has cleared up thanks to the soap. I have found it hard to find a good cream for my hands because I get really dry skin and eczema on and in between my knuckles, the cream has really helped with this. Thank you Scent Hut 🥰🧡

Donna Estele Ponga  

yes! I rely on the acne bar to keep my skin looking flawless 🙌💜✨

Rose "I love your tumeric soap. I use it as a shampoo bar for my hair and it works amazingly! It's got rid of my dandruff and I love knowing I'm not using nasty chemicals on my hair. Thank you "


Joni "I bought some soaps at the Health Expo and they are wonderful. I got the black soap for taking off my make up and I bought the tumeric soap for my husband who has psoriasis and he said his skin feels better than ever! I'll be in to you again :)