Only the purest ingredients

Natural Ingredients with the magic healing properties of NZ KawaKawa, Oils & Butters. We have created Natural Tattoo Aftercare range. To assist your healing process


Ink Magic works to increase cell production, which helps wounds heal over rapidly.

Soothes irritated tissues helps reduce inflammation & lessen scaring.


We have developed different options. Humans love options, no one person is the same!


Our Range


Antibacterial Soap  -  Balm  -  Cream  -  Oil


Wash tattoo with Ink Magic Antibacterial Soap, gently pat dry with a towel or let it dry naturally. Apply your choice of product balm, cream or oil.

 NZ Kawa Kawa


Kawakawa is a New Zealand native herb it is known as the “Pharmacy of the Forest”. It is a significant and sacred plant to Maori. Among its many healing properties, its used to  soothe skin wounds, eczema, cuts, cracked skin, burns, bruising, aches and pains rashes, poor circulation, bruises, insect bites & stings more.                                                                

We are continually surprised at the wide range of problems that Kawakawa seems to be able to remedy, and receive positive feedback on a regular basis, including treatment for eczema, arthritis, burns, as an insect repellent, and for leg pains. We've added in a larger pot now due to popular demand.


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