Scent Hut - Where It All Began

August 20, 2017

I’ve decided to created a blog so I can explain a bit more in-depth about the products I produce how to use them and the benefits of each product.

Since this is my very first blog post I thought id take you back to how the scent hut started…


Lets set the scene ….


Its Winter & I’m Broke ….


I’m a student at Witt New Plymouth, Living on Toast & 2 Minute Noodles. Being this broke effected my weekly candle shop at The Warehouse, I cant deal with not having candles in my home, especially on a cold winters night!


So as I was gazing into the flames of the fire trying to figure out how to get candles back in my life with zero dollars in my account it hit me! I’ll make my own! I had enough left over wax to recycle and make my first D.I.Y Candle. OMG I was so excited! I rounded up all the wax put it in a pot and placed the pot on top of the fire place to melt, now while that was melting I went around the house looking for a mold to pour my wax in. I went with the most easiest which was a ice cream container, found some cotton and a pen and set up the wick…


Once my wax had melted (House Smells Amazing Right Now Too) I poured it in the Ice Cream container and impatiently waited for it to cool and harden.. Ok so once it was ready to take out of the mold I am like a little kid so excited to see the final result and light her up and enjoy my creation … I still remember seeing the candle for the first time in my mind it was so beautiful, hahaha but it was truly hideous .. looking back now I wish I took a picture.. but from then on I was hooked I was making candles left right and center .. experimenting with different containers, jars, molds, different waxes..


Any way weeks went by and I had finished my studies and now needed to find full time employment which wasn’t going to be easy as I am horrible at interviews, I felt like I was doomed!!!

But one day mum said I should try taking the hobby of making candles at home and turning it into a small business, I was really lucky mum had a spare side room in her hairdressing shop, so I got my A in to G and starting pumping out Candles, & Soy Melts..


As time went on I was clearly still very broke and there were still products I wanted in my life but just couldn’t afford to buy them. So that’s when I had another light bulb moment .. ill just make the things I want. And that’s when the candle range branched out in to Natural Soaps , Healing Balms & Creams.. For me this was ideal I had all the products I wanted and the plus side I knew exactly what was in them and knew 100% that they would never be tested on Animals.


Fast Forward 3 Years I’m in a stunning Location & still doing what I love.

& That is how it all Began!


Published by Vanessa Power

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Scent Hut - Where It All Began

August 20, 2017

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