Temporary relief for pain and inflammation

Soothes eases support comforts joints ligaments and muscles.

Can also be used on dogs with joint pain and arthritis


Lee Topless

I have pain syndrome the Turmeric Hemp Cream has been amazing at giving me some relief this is the best natural product I have used. My dad has bad arthritis this cream has given him so much relief and is also now able to get a better nights sleep.

Janet Fleming

I would recommend trying this cream it has helped relieve pain and inflammation in my shoulders and arms. Also my husband uses it for bad RSI would never be without it now love it! 

Jo Roberts 

This is cream is amazing 😍, I totally agree with the reviews in this site. 

Elsie Mawdsley I have been using this cream for a week or so now, morning and night and yes it does work, my shoulders are easier and so are my knees.

I got two tins of this a little while ago, I use it every day and night, its amazing, I just send for it as its so easy to get it posted,

Marcelle de Jager-Rayner  

December 7, 2019 · 

I have pain syndrome and cannot tolerate much on my leg but this has worked wonders....better than any pain relief I've tried so far and it stops the burning pain as well

Pia another client thats had relief from our Turmeric-H Cream
**Their Turmeric-H pain cream, really works. I had severe joint pain and cramps in my ankle joint and knee every single night I would wake in severe pain, unable to sleep. After using this cream every night for a few weeks the pains and cramps are completely gone. I now sleep well throughout the nights and I highly recommend anyone with joint pain to try it.**

Hollie Mclean Mihinui  

September 4, 2019 · 

I do recommend this product for people with light to moderate pain.
I was very impressed by the point of sale to the delivery of my turmeric pain cream.
Thank you very much.
would Recommend dealing with the lady who runs this business. Great dealings again.


Rosemarie Cramond  

June 17, 2019 · 

Great fast delivery and the turmeric and hemp is amazing I have had a shoulder pain for 18 mths that nothing worked on and this did wonders for it. would really recommend it . thank you.

Roxanne Maree  

June 12, 2019 · 

Absolutely LOVE your products!!! The soy melts and Turmeric pain cream are the BEST. Worked great for a sore kne

Toni Bellem 

April 11, 2018 · 

After trying so many different products both prescribed medicated and organic natural products, i came across the psoriasis pack at the New Plymouth tattoo show and brought it. The turmeric soap is the absolutely most wonderful product that actually works miracles. I had a really really bad case of psoriasis through my scalp, this soap instantly helped calm the itch and sooth my scalp. I used it twice a day for 1-2 weeks until my scalp felt normal again then i used once a day until all cleared. What i love most about this soap is i can use it everyday without drying my hair out, it feels soft and silky. I highly recommend this.

Helen Kake  

September 28, 2018 · 

Tumeric Balm - Most amazing cream ever. Sore, aching, pulled muscles, Rub a small amount on and within 30mins hardly any pain! Bliss pain free! Just buying my second tub!

Kelly McHaffie 

Highly recommend, awesome product and amazing service.


Our Story Behind Making Our Pain Cream


We developed this cream to help my Mum who was confined to a chair due to chronic pain from arthritis sadly she passed away before she was able get the benefit of using it. But over the last few years this cream has been able to help give relief to alot of people and dogs.

Picture of Mum opposite thanks to


*Chantelle Power Art*